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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Buffering Effect of Rubber Buffer For Honda
- Nov 01, 2018 -

The actual cushioning effect of the rubber buffer for Honda is often affected by a number of factors, first of all the static stiffness, ie the ratio of the amount of pressure change to the amount of change in displacement. The static stiffness values measured for different displacement ranges are different and can be depicted as a graph. The second is dynamic stiffness, which refers to the ratio of the amount of pressure change to the amount of displacement change at a given frequency within a certain range of displacement.


At the same time, the actual buffering effect of the rubber buffer for Honda is also related to the dynamic magnification and the loss factor. In addition, the durability can also affect its buffering effect. Durability refers to the certain preload, amplitude and vibration frequency of rubber in a certain direction. After reciprocating vibration n times, the product is intact or the product reciprocates and vibrates until it breaks. The number of vibrations, in fact, durability is an important indicator of the safety performance and overall performance of a rubber part.


In addition, the compressive modulus of the Honda rubber bumper will also affect the cushioning effect to some extent. During the elastic deformation phase, the ratio of the normal stress to the corresponding positive strain is the force/deformation amount.