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Suspension Spring Bumper Toyota should meet the performance requirements
- Jan 17, 2019 -

In fact, Toyota's suspension spring bumper is designed to protect the car body, engine fuel supply system, exhaust system, cooling system, and safety-related vehicles from contact and light collisions. The lights are not damaged. So, what kind of protective performance characteristics should the high quality TSuspension Spring Bumper Toyota be designed to meet?


In combination with practical factors, the design of the TSuspension Spring Bumper Toyota not only requires the front and rear bumper reinforcement beams to absorb energy efficiently, but also has a large force area and a suitable ground clearance to ensure bumper and collision in collision. The obstacles contact and absorb the impact, minimizing damage to components such as the grille and hood, and the cost of repairs.


In addition, when designing the structure, the height of the reinforced beam of the TSuspension Spring Bumper Toyota and its height must also be reasonably selected. This will minimize the damage caused by collisions.