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The good function of polyurethane buffer for Honda
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Polyurethane buffer for Honda has many functions and functions. Firstly, the use of this part can significantly extend the service life of the automobile shock absorber, even more than twice the original life. And the noise can be reduced during the vehicle's travel. Honda's polyurethane buffer block can also raise the car body by 3 to 5 cm, restore the original height of the car body, and improve the stability through the deceleration path.


In other words, the use of polyurethane buffer for Honda can improve the safety performance of the vehicle to a certain extent and shorten the braking distance. Not only that, but also the driver's fatigue for long-distance driving has been reduced, and it is relatively easy to install, no need to loose the vehicle any screws.


In practical applications, in addition to the above functions, polyurethane buffer for Honda can greatly extend the replacement cycle such as shock absorption suspension. For the user, the comfort of the vehicle can also be improved, the balance of the ride can be improved, and the vehicle can be more stable when cornering.