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Shock Absorber Assembly And Shock Absorber Difference
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Different composition

The shock absorber is only a part of the shock absorber assembly; the shock absorber assembly is composed of a shock absorber, a lower spring washer, a dust jacket, a spring, a cushion, an upper spring washer, a spring seat, a bearing, a top rubber, and a nut. .

2. The difficulty of replacement is different

Replacing an independent shock absorber is difficult, requires professional equipment and technicians, and has a high risk factor; replacing the shock absorber assembly requires only a few screws to be easily removed.

3. Price difference

The replacement of the individual components of the shock absorber kit is expensive; the shock absorber assembly contains all the components of the shock absorber system and is less expensive than replacing all components of the shock absorber.

4. Different effects

The separate shock absorbers only have the effect of damping; the shock absorber assembly also acts as a suspension strut in the suspension system.